Fuck the hype! There ain’t no other way to do this right.
Nobody knew what was about to happen when Ripe & Ruin, alternative trio from Hamburg consisting of Gordon Domnick, Florian Kaninck and Jannis Balzer released their first single „Clarity“ in February of 2018. Prior to the release of their debut EP „The Eye Of The World“ in April they already found themselves in magazines, blogs and a bunch of different Spotify playlists



Since dropping his debut EP "The Black Tree", Stu’s discography carefully traces every step of his journey. “In 2014 and 2015, I was a vagabond, a nomad, and an adventurer,” he explains. “2017 and 2018 felt a bit more solid. I found a sort of routine in this way of life. I was still travelling and exploring, but I knew more about who I was. 2019 has seen me searching for true love and genuine happiness and connection in a bigger way, not just romantic; but also in a general way in life.”