Leelo is an Estonian musician, currently based in Berlin. As a multi-instrumentalist, with a classical music background, her songwriting style is a mix of simple melodies, honest lyrics and unique chord progressions. A fan of raw sounds and guitar music, she draws her musical inspiration from Cat Power, Karen O and Modest Mouse.

Since 2017, Leelo has been busking on the streets of Berlin and has evolved from a shy girl to a strong performer, who can easily capture the audience, whether playing alone or with the band. Her stage presence is captivating and with her honest and light hearted humor, she makes her audience feel comfortable, whilst showing her vulnerability when performing.

With her self titled debut-album out only for a month, Leelo has already gained fans, such as Bettina Rust, who introduced her music on her award-winning radio show on Radio Eins. 


Management: tjark@dock7records.com