“Listening to Paloma & The Matches, you might think that they want to apply for the soundtrack of the upcoming Quentin Tarantino movie. Psychedelic folky surf pop with a good dose of retro charm and the Amy Winehouse inspired vocals of lead singer Bianca Paloma Marstaller. In addition, they draw all kinds of inspiration from funk, soul, and rockabilly. Their unique sound works best on a stage with a large dance floor.”



Fuck the hype! There ain’t no other way to do this right.
Nobody knew what was about to happen when Ripe & Ruin, alternative trio from Hamburg consisting of Gordon Domnick, Florian Kaninck and Jannis Balzer released their first single „Clarity“ in February of 2018. Prior to the release of their debut EP „The Eye Of The World“ in April they already found themselves in magazines, blogs and a bunch of different Spotify playlists



Just a couple gals that are here if you need. Always playing for the greater good of the team. Someone else was taller than us and they got to be Goal Keeper. This isn’t just for fun although we have a lot of it.

"you can only agree and yell along enthusiastically, a bright indie fist-shaking angst that manages to pivot neatly on the one foot" - themusic.com.au